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Paul Gannon


Name:Paul Gannon
Date of birth:September 7, 1987
Phone:(202) 642-0252
B2B and B2C copywriter.

Work History

2009 - present



LPcopywriter is the primary brand I operate under, providing B2B and B2C copywriting and conversion optimization services to small agencies, product creators, affiliate marketers, and small to medium-sized businesses.


In addition to writing the copy of websites, landing pages, and various components of digital ad campaigns, I often oversee the creation of their associated web designs, ad creatives, and even minor development, provided by a selection of established outsourced talent.

Supported Industries:

  • Health
  • Diet/Fitness
  • Entertainment
  • Software
  • Professional Services
  • Construction/Contracting
  • Financial/Legal
  • and more…
2005 - present

Large Scale SEO Content Developement

Part-time Freelance

I began writing SEO content in high school and alongside part-time retail jobs, before eventually refocusing my efforts to copywriting in 2009.


I no longer take on the small, pennies-per-word projects like I did back in school. But I have established a reputation for being able to deliver high quality content in large, 15-50+ piece batches, with the added value of being infused with sound copywriting and SEO principles.


Most of these projects begin with a word-of-mouth referral, are outsourced to my private network of writers, and are edited by myself before delivery.

Bites! Artful Food Baskets and Pantry

Bites! Artful Food Baskets and Pantry

Copywriting, SEO Content
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Martin Paredes

President, Eurisco Media
Martin Paredes

Paul’s is an extremely good copywriter, not only does he always deliver on time, but he always goes the extra mile to deliver low-bounce rate high-converting copy. It’s not unusual for bounce rate top drop 30% and conversion rate to shoot up another 30%. Every project I do starts with copy from Paul.

Jason Muhs

Graphic Designer/Founder, SiteStomp.com
Jason Muhs

I’ve ordered a lot of copy from Paul in the past and it’s always been top quality AND delivered on time.

Robert Adler

President, Automated Tendencies
Robert Adler

The last time I used Paul for ad copy, I was converting at least 5-10% above most of the public rates. His sh*! works, bottom line.

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